Former WBRA President Faye Ego stepped down from her position as president in June of 2022 and as of August 1, 2022, is no longer a director on the board of WBRA.
Faye has registered as a candidate for councillor in the October 2022 municipal election. Faye has spent the past four years speaking as the voice of the taxpayers through deputations to council, attending council meetings, asking questions, in council, giving newspaper interviews, voicing radio ads, writing letters to council and provincial ministries, and presenting petitions, surveys, and polls. We know Faye will continue to be "The voice of the taxpayer" once elected. We all wish Faye great success in her bid to serve the citizens of Wasaga Beach at Town Hall.

Below is Faye's goodbye letter to WBRA.

June 17, 2022


Hello WBRA Members,

I would like you to give yourselves a “pat on the back.”  We began in the springtime of 2019 as a very grassroots group. One of our goals was to garner memberships and participation from all corners of Wasaga Beach;  We did it!  We have become a respected voice for the taxpayer.  We have recognition.

That being said, I have learnt a great deal from my fellow board members and residents.  I have realized through speaking with different levels of government that a municipal council is a powerful group of people and local politics matter.  They have the right to change and write their own by-laws.  In some instances a municipal council has pretty much carte blanche; there is no opposition which is not the case at both The Federal and Provincial levels where they have opposition parties.

I have realized it is very important who is sitting on council:  their backgrounds as individuals; who they are as people.  Do they have integrity?  Have they contributed in a meaningful way to society?   Are they liked by their neighbours?  Are they good representatives of residents/taxpayers?  This may all sound a bit flowery, however, it is important.

On that note, I have learnt a great deal during these four years as your president and I know I have the background, desire and knowledge to be a worthy councillor in Wasaga Beach. I have made the decision to take a leave of absence and run for a seat on the 2022 council.  I wish to continue to be your voice and to work on your behalf to make sure your concerns are heard at the council level.

I want to thank you again, for the support, friendships and sharing during this tenure and please keep it going!  A strong ratepayers group is always good for a community.