Special Committee Meeting - 6 to 1 voted in favour of changes to Indemnification Policy

Despite Mr. Gribbins specific written request to have his letter read at the Special Committee Meeting, none of the taxpayers' documented concerns were read out loud.  

Mayor replied to taxpayers' written concerns with one generic response to all, which unfortunately does not address the concerns and leaves questions unanswered.

See Mayor's Response and how the taxpayers feel about that

Mayor's Response by Email to Each Taxpayer

Good morning,

Thank you for your email.

There seems to be confusion by a few regarding Bill 187. I encourage you to watch yesterday’s council meeting as the Clerk addresses this matter.  www.youtube.com/watch?v=KRO1adaUNhw

The Town has a website page dedicated to COVID-19 and I encourage you to check it regularly for up to date information. www.wasagabeach.com/Pages/COVID-19-UPDATES.aspx

Here is a link to yesterday’s media release. The release speaks to suspended fees and charges during this time as well as many more important topics and links you may find helpful.www.wasagabeach.com/Document%20Library/Press%20release%20COVID-19%20Message%206.pdf



Taxpayers Reply, Still Hoping For Answers

Mayor Bifolchi,

You seem to attempt to deflect taxpayers concerns by responding in ways that simply ignore the specific issues, as evidenced in your response below. These are serious issues that need addressing openly and honestly.

You also decided to not take into account any letters for yesterday's "public meeting", letters that express grave concerns about the changes to the Indemnification Policy, and yet you chose to rush this through for approval during this Pandemic environment.

If you would like to actually respond to concerns around this urgent Indemnification Policy change, that just might help thousands of taxpayers try and figure out why you believe taxpayers hard earned dollars can be spent in ways this policy allows.

As well, perhaps you can provide some response to the Pecuniary Interest question I raised?

If I do not hear further from you within the next week I will take your email as being your final reply, and share this accordingly, as indicated in my original letter.


Dear Mayor
As the world struggles to cope with this pandemic, it is understandable that those in a Leadership role have an overwhelming number of challenges and decisions to govern through this fast-paced, ever-changing crisis.
I fully recognize that our Mayor, Council and Town staff have many matters of urgent importance.  As such, I would like to request that if you do not have the time to address concerns or answer specific questions presented by the taxpayers, as evidenced by the quick and irrelevant response below, then please put the Bill 187 and Indemnification Policy changes on hold until such time you are willing to listen and respond to your taxpayers.
Faye Ego
President, Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association


Dear Madam Mayor,

Thanks for your response. Although it falls far short of addressing most of my specific concerns expressed in my original email.

I did in fact attend the meeting remotely. It was indeed informative and in a unique kind of way, very helpful towards illustrating clearly our councils methods for addressing residents concerns on critical agenda topics. Or rather, brushing them aside through a show of hands.

Quite a memorable experience.

Have a great weekend, and stay healthy during this pandemic crisis.

Warm Regards,

John C. Sare