Sent To Mayor Nina Bifolchi by email

August 6, 2019

Dear Mayor Bifolchi,

The Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association (WBRA Inc.) would like to take this opportunity to commend the council for their approach on extending the deadline on proposals for beachfront development.  It is definitely prudent that we do glean best possible entrants.  However, our membership has several queries regarding the proposed development in the interim:

1.  Since the parcel of land is only eleven acres, how does the town (planning department) envision a final outcome?

2. With five selected proponents doing different aspects, how can this be achieved efficiently and effectively given each developer has only a couple of acres to work with?

3. How will the standing private property fit into a redeveloped beachfront?  (There appear to be twelve parcels with one in the epicenter of future development.)

4. What are the design parameters council is looking at?  (Are concept drawings available?)

5. Council, in their official response to the recent Booster article indicated “This council has chosen to open up the development of the area to competition, using the principles in the Master Plan and design guidelines to ensure a consistent theme and look is developed.”  Based on this, it’s a little unclear whether the town’s position is to return to a "prescriptive development" approach.  Does the town intend on returning to a “Prescriptive Development” approach to Beach One?

6. With the prescriptive language removed from the RFEOI, how does the town intend to ensure a cohesive design throughout the process towards completion?

7. Is there an updated site plan available?

8. How does the council wish to incorporate other amenities into the plan such as the mentioned festival square, parking, entertainment, attractions, and splash pad into eleven acres?

9. We are also concerned that condos, potentially with 6-storey height, would be in keeping with Beach One’s historic tourism focus, especially considering that condos at Beach Two parking lot were not acceptable.  What is the rationale for favouring Beach One condo locations over Beach Two?

10. Will environmental and economic studies be considered before the final decision on the condo Beach locations?

Thank you for your anticipated reply to our queries.

Yours truly

Faye Ego
Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association Inc.