Sept 20, 2019 – At a closed door Committee of the Whole session on Sept 18, local council was presented with a number of reports prepared by the Assistant Manager of Beachfront Properties. Because the meeting, and the reports, were both “secret”, we have no idea what transpired or was contained within the reports. The minutes of the meeting are equally opaque and today appear to have been removed from the town website. We can only surmise that they had to do with the Beachfront leases, which obviously includes our Beach Bar and our little vendor trailers. It is possible that the reports were a “heads up” for council so that they could be swiftly read into law at the upcoming council meeting next Tuesday. We DO know, that in the absence of Councillor Belanger, all the AMBP’s reports were adopted unanimously.  We will know more when the agenda for the council meeting is published late Monday afternoon. You may read the minutes of the secret meeting:

Right Here

Why this is important to you – The public cannot react to, nor comment upon deliberations and decisions which are kept secret. The destruction of our beloved Beach Bar and the towing away of or little trailers represents the last step in a vindictive, “scorched earth” campaign undertaken by current council. A year of throwing out babies with the bathwater has done nothing to create a better Wasaga Beach. Years of retributive local government have done nothing for our town except to polarize us. The WBRA believes that until this stops, we will never be able to move forward.

What you can do about it – You can plan to attend the council meeting at Town Hall, 7 pm. Tuesday September 24th and express your displeasure..

You can write to your mayor and to your local councilors and tell them “enough is enough”, and that moving forward, you will not be supporting any candidate who continues to wreak destruction on good work which has come before, no matter who they are. All local government email addresses are listed on the “How Do I…” section of this website.

The WBRA is committed to ending this decades’ long cycle of hate and retribution. We will only support candidates who take us toward a bright future, not those who seek to destroy all the good which has come before.  

What do you think about the (probably inevitable) destruction of the Beach Bar and the Market, and about "secret" meetings and their minutes. As a registered member of the WBRA, your comments are welcome on our website.