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Vote 2022 – WBRA Endorsements

Vote 2022 – WBRA Endorsements

Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association endorses candidates that support the key initiatives of greatest concern to its members. We believe the candidates presented here will work hard to build a town and a beachfront for ALL our residents and visitors to enjoy.

Investigation of Wrongdoing

Investigation of Wrongdoing

Video - Presentation to CouncilTown Press Release Town of Wasaga Beach News 2023-11-30 6:33:28 PM Town of Wasaga Beach Takes Action to Protect Public Trust, Transparency and Accountability   November 30, 2023 Town hands evidence of wrongdoing and records...

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What's the plan, Stan?

Councillor Stan Wells asks: "What do we want the Town in the long term to look like? ...what is our real belief in what the Town should look like because I'm not sure we have one at the moment."

Link to the whole meeting video: September 9 2021 Coordinated Committee

Beachfront Redevelopment Project

Add your own comments to the email. Let the mayor know what you think.

Here's what you can do to get involved with the Beachfront Redevelopment Project:


Be Aware

On May 20 Council's Committee of the Whole voted to go ahead with negotiations to sell the town-owned beachfront lands to Slate Asset Management. Recent changes to the Official Plan allow the developer to build six-storey condominiums in Beach Area 1. Beach Area 2 is not part of the project but remains zoned for six-storey condos. In our opinion, the mandatory meeting on the Official Plan changes did not serve as public consultation regarding the building of the condominiums shown in the concept drawings published by Slate. We believe that public meetings should be held to give taxpayers a chance to express themselves about the future of their beachfront lands.

Be Informed

Read the news articles and the plan.

Barrie News: Developer Picked

Town of Wasaga Beach: Preferred Developer

The Sun: Negotiations with Slate Council Approves Policies

Be Vocal

Whether you are for this development or against it, speak up and demand Public Engagement. There is no going back once the taxpayer-owned beachfront lands are sold to the single developer selected by the town's evaluation team. The decisions made by this council will dictate what The Beach will be for generations to come. Not only the taxpayers that give up their ownership of these lands will live with this choice; all the visitors with years of fond memories and all those we hope to attract in the future will judge what is done here now. Use the button below to send an email to the mayor asking that the public be allowed to participate in the process and have a voice in the decisions.


Beachfront Redevelopment Project

The Great Wall of Condos


This is not the 2017 Downtown Development Master Plan

This is the sale and redevelopment of taxpayer-owned land at the main beachfront. There have been no public engagement meetings regarding this new plan and none have been promised.

Slate Asset Management Concept for Beach Area 1

Concept image for the Beachfront District
(click image to enlarge)

Slate Asset Management Concept Image
(click image to enlarge)

From the Downtown Development Plan: The Hunt for a Developer

Feedback from Electorate

new council was sworn in on December 5, 2018 amid local concerns over the downtown development.

The majority of council heard a common theme during the election campaign.

  1. People were not happy with the previous council's plans to see condominiums constructed at Beach Area 2.
  2. People were not happy with certain aspects of the previous council's plans for developing the downtown, i.e. mandatory requirement that the new arena and library be located in the downtown, and the prescriptive language in the Official Plan.

If you weren't happy with four-storey condos on Beach Area 2, how do feel about zoning for six-storey condos on Beach Area 1 and Beach Area 2?

If you weren't happy with the "prescriptive language" of the Official Plan, the rules that developers have to follow, how do you feel about the rules being replaced with "recommendations"?

If you weren't happy about the "mandatory requirement that the new arena and library be located in the downtown", actually the Community Hub that was the anchor of the Downtown Development, how do you feel about them being located at the edge of town and built at a cost of $60,000,000 without any federal or provincial grants?

These questions and many, many more need to be asked and answered in a public forum. If you haven't already done so, use the button below to send an email to the mayor asking that the public be allowed to participate in the process and have a voice in the decisions.

Current Issues

PAUSE $60,000,000 Twin Pad Arena/Library
Sign Petition to Hit Pause Now


Hold off starting construction of the $60,000,000 Twin-Pad Arena and Library project until 2022.

TPAL Land Appraisal Released

Twin Pad Arena/Library Site: Appraised at $3,535,000 - Purchased for $5,435,000. The Town has now released the 2019 Current Market Value Appraisal for the vacant land used for the TPAL project.

Speak Up Wasaga! Have Your Say.

Should the Town of Wasaga Beach hold public meetings before selling the beachfront properties to Bayloc Developments?The Survey The Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association believes that the Town of Wasaga Beach should hold public meetings before selling the taxpayer...

Petition Presented to Council

Petition to Pause the Arena/Library Project until grant money is available presented to council. Watch the video here.

A WBRA member reports their experience trying to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the $60,000,000 Area/Library. The public was not allowed in.

Where’s the Beach?? Beachfront Redevelopment

The Beachfront redevelopment is much anticipated. But will it be something we 22,000 residents can stand proud of? Will it be a four-season “want to go there” destination or will we be left wondering "WHERE’S THE BEACH?” and what on earth have we done to our Crown Jewel?

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Library & Arena Issues

A WBRA member reports their experience trying to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for the $60,000,000 Area/Library. The public was not allowed in.

read more

Covid-19 Issues

Free Speech Issues

Procurement Policy Issues



In October 2019, The Town of Wasaga Beach issued a Request for Proposal for a brokerage firm to represent the real estate interests of the Town. After receiving a lot of attention from the WBRA and the Wasaga Beach real estate community, the Town canceled the previously approved awarding of the contract “as it was no longer required”. Still, many unanswered questions remain while some responses simply seem to be untrue.

read more

Affordable Housing Issues

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May 24 Victoria Day long weekend:
Wasaga Beach Provincial Park is open. Beach is closed.

After much confusion and misinformation, the question about the beach being open for May 24 is definitively answered by Premier Ford - yes and no.

All the provincial park beach areas, parking lots, picnic areas, washrooms and the beach itself are closed. The Nordic Ski Trails are open. 

Community deserves clear and consistent messaging
from provincial agencies

Premier Doug Ford has clarified the rules regarding access to Wasaga Beach

WBRA Members Comment On May 24 Concerns - Mayor Sends Thanks 

WBRA asked members for their views regarding the relaxing of some COVID-19 pandemic restrictions for the upcoming May 24 long weekend.

Their responses were summarized and passed on to the mayor who sent back a thank you email.

Computer Virus Matters More Than Coronavirus - Town Staff Not Allowed To Work Remotely

Many of our neighbouring municipalities have made arrangements for staff to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. These include Collingwood, Clearview, Barrie, and Penetanguishene. The Town of Wasaga Beach has not.

On April 19, online news and information site published comments from Town of Wasaga Beach communications officer Michael Gennings including a statement that "the risk of an information breach has prevented them from allowing staff to work off-site" during the Covid-19 crisis.

On April 21, Global News reported on an internal Town of Wasaga Beach memo dated March 25, where the Town CAO said the municipality won’t be allowing employees to work from home “at this time.”

On April 22, Mayor Nina Bifolchi issued a Press Release giving her "Response to one-sided Global News story."

WBRA also wrote to express concern for Town of Wasaga Beach Staff that are not allowed an option to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mayor Bifolchi's response is included with the copy of our email posted on our website.

“As an essential service, we believe it is imperative that staff report for work in order to provide public services,” Bifolchi said in the statement. “We also know that working on site is the best way to protect our corporate data and your private information.

"While other municipalities have set up a system allowing many staff to work from home instead of reporting to town offices, [Communications Officer Michael] Gennings said in the case of Wasaga Beach, the risk of an information breach has prevented them from allowing staff to work off-site."

Town of Wasaga Beach staff not allowed to work from home during pandemic

‘Morale seems quite low’: Wasaga Beach staff working on site amid pandemic

Update to the Council Indemnification Policy

No Comments. No Questions. No Discussion.

On March 26, at  Special Council Meeting closed to the public due to the pandemic, Council voted to pay the legal costs for politicians and staff to sue for "...alleged defamatory statements, [which] if left unchallenged, will undermine public confidence in the Town's municipal government and government officials". "Defamation" can be " ...any written, printed, or spoken words or publication, or communication of any audible or visible matters or acts, in each case, which tends to lower a person's reputation in the eyes of a reasonable person".

From the Staff Report to Council: "...indemnification costs for individuals commencing litigation pertaining to defamation is not widely seen across the province in indemnification policies. Unfortunately, in Wasaga Beach, over the last several years, it has become all too common to read false statements in publications and on social media about individual members of Council and staff".

There is a reason this kind of litigation is not widely seen; the courts generally feel that freedom of expression is a constitutional right. In a 2018 decision, Justice Patrick Hurley said, “People would be reluctant to express their opposition if they knew that their use of social media could result in a lawsuit by a public official unhappy with the criticism.”

As the saying goes: "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."

Read the Article

A big chill: Would policy change stifle free speech in Wasaga Beach?

Read the article: Politicians vote to sue individuals for libel.

Mar 17, 2020 by Ian Adams, Wasaga Sun

After-Hours Clinic Closed
From April 1, 2020

At the Feb 25, 2020 meeting, Council voted 4 to 2 (plus one abstaining) to close our walk-in clinic effective April 1, 2020. The recommendation was not presented at Committee of the Whole, nor was it presented at the Coordinated Committee, as is standard and accepted practice.

Council Meeting 7:00 PM
February 25, 2020
After Hours Clinic Vote

We had our say.. Thanks to all who turned out to make their views known.

We look forward to seeing you there again!

Main Street Reconstruction
Environmental Assessment

The Environmental Assessment examines the entire downtown road network, from Main Street and River Road West, and Mosley Street to 6th Street.

One proposal is to restrict Beach Drive to just pedestrians and cyclists.

(See Wasaga Sun: Beach Drive to be closed?)

Public Information Centre
Held February 6, 2020

If you missed the public meeting, you can still have your say. View the presentation and the slideshow then print and submit the Comment Sheet by mail/email/fax by February 29, 2020.

Comments received will be used in the analysis of the recommended options to establish the best solution.

Survey Says:

WBRA Survey February 2020

Have your say. Let us know how well you think your town council is doing their job.

Take the survey and leave your comments. We will post results as they become available.

From The News:

Will Wasaga’s Beach Drive be closed to cars?

Read the article: Recommended solution for beachfront road? Open it only to pedestrians and cyclists

Feb 10, 2020 by Ian Adams, Wasaga Sun

Are you satisfied with Wasaga Beach council so far? Vote in the Online Poll

Survey says: Has Wasaga Beach council responded to the concerns of voters?

Read the article: Is Wasaga Beach council following through on what the voters were asking for?

Dec 11, 2019 by Ian Adams, Wasaga Sun

Are you satisfied with Wasaga Beach council so far? Vote in the Online Poll

Town seeks options on future of clinic.

Read the article: Future of Wasaga after-hours clinic up in air

Oct 31, 2019 by Ian Adams, Wasaga Sun

Read the latest WBRA update: Walk in Clinic Update

WBRA comments on potential candidates.

Read the post: Clearing the air on Political Candidates

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