WBRA members expressed their concerns about Twin-Pad Arena Library Project in the Comments area of our website. Comments will be passed on to the mayor and any response will be posted here.

On August 20, 2020, The Town of Wasaga Beach held a Design Open House to get feedback on the design concepts for the $60,000,000 Twin-Pad Arena Library Project. The reaction from our members was to ask how the project would be paid for now that government funding has been denied and the economic impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic has yet to be determined.

Comments may be given directly to the Town at their Design Open House Comments page or on Design Open House Facebook page.

For reference, the Community Hub Economic Analysis of March 20, 2018 document provides a detailed analysis of the cost to build and operate the facility along with the effects on property taxes. The Community Hub Public Needs Assessment Presentation of February 18, 2018 is also a valuable reference. The WBRA supports the desire of its members to see a full business case, funding plan,and property tax impact study on the Twin-Pad Arena and Library proposal before spending begins.

Member Comments

2020-08-14 12:15
Regarding the Twin Rinks / Library expenditure which has now risen to $90 million dollars.

I wish I had more control over how my tax dollars are spent. If city council believe Wasaga Beach can afford this construction project, I only hope that it has not been approved prior to the next municipal election and I can vote indicating I'm dead against the overall plan. We do not need or require such an elaborate plan.

Then again,I do have a spare bedroom I can rent out when all of these tournament hockey teams come to town !


2020-08-13 21:14
Yes this arena project should be paused for the same reasons and justification that was quoted by council for pausing the community hub proposal in January of last year, and this project is so much more money than that proposal

2020-08-13 22:32
Let's face the facts....it's a no brainer.

Raising $60 million at this time is a recipe for financial disaster until we resolve this COVID19 issues.

No one will support this and resist at all costs in allowing present council to engage anymore consultants for advice. Mayor and deputy mayor have forgotten how they apposed all private proposals for development therefore no taxpayer funded proposals should be considered.

This community should have a referendum on not allowing town council to compete with private development ,just sell town owned assets to rebuild treasury for the worst is yet to come.


2020-08-14 07:42
Being a senior and thankfully owning a home here in Wasaga Beach we absolutely do NOT need a Hockey Arena/Library Hub at this present time. We have people that we actually need to feed... and try to find jobs for... people are going or already gone bankrupt. How is even possible the even think of such a project at this time.

I am absolutely sick at all of these proposals. Everything needs to stop immediately and to take a serious look at what we need now going forward in these times. The Government can not give Wasaga or even Collingwood grants because of all the tax payers monies that have been issued during this pandemic. I personally would have been shocked to hear that they gave us monies for anything they can not afford there are other pressing matters to be attended to.

2020-08-14 09:30
I would like to see the new arena and library project put on hold. No funding from the province plus Covid mean it needs to be re-evaluated.

I will never use either of these facilities. Covid means more people will work from home or go online for their needs. What is the current use/demand on library facilities. Is a physical library an outdated concept?

How can Wasaga support a new big arena when it hasn’t even got a high school to attract families with teens? I would like to see a revised projection on how long it will take for this to pay off and would like to see why the budget jumped so much.


2020-08-20 10:01
I am in total agreement with postponing the Arena Library project. As a retired couple living on a set pension as are so many others in the beach. We have already had a substantial raise in taxes last year. We should not have to bear the brunt of an incompetent town council.

It is an obvious fact if you no longer have the government funding you cut your losses unless those that use the facilities in question wish to cover the cost. I expect the men and women we elect to show responsibility with the people’s money.

2020-08-20 13:09
Council members voting ' FOR ' this project is pure lunacy. At this time when Wasaga Beach businesses need a financial boost , tax dollars could be better spent on helping local business survive !


2020-08-21 10:56
It seems my feelings are aligned with those of the WBRPA. I have never felt that the "combination" of Double Pad Ice Rink and Library is a good idea for Wasaga Beach, for the following reasons:

1. In my view too much of the cost of this project will eventually be paid straight out of the pockets of the ratepayers.
2. A Library should be centrally located, so it is most accessible for the general public and for me that means centrally located near public transit - not way off at one end of the town. The ice rink can be more remotely located as in almost all cases a vehicle is needed to assist with equipment transportation, etc.
3. It now appears that the likelihood of provincial or federal assistance is very unlikely which will result in an even heavier tax burden on the ratepayers.
4. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant loss of jobs (income) and an increased outlay of funds at all levels of government resulting from the cost associated with following pandemic restrictions.

Considering these issues ratepayers are already having trouble with their day-to-day expenses, taxes and having any emergency funds without considering adding substantial debt to the towns financial situation. We all know that debt for the town means extra taxes for the ratepayers.

I believe that the Town needs to reconsider the whole project and proceed with caution, keeping the welfare of the town as its priority and not be concerned with political expediencies.