Walk In Clinic  Update– One Small Victory in a Very Big Fight

Your WBRA is pleased to report a small victory in the fight to keep our walk in clinic operating until such time as we have a viable alternative funding plan in place. On Thursday Nov 14, the Coordinated Committee will vote on a recommendation from the C.A.O. to fund the clinic for one additional month. According to the report, the extension to the end of 2019 would cost the town $25,000. The staff report is concise and clear, and shows that council has done a lot of homework and is making at least an appearance of operating in good faith. We are confident that the motion will pass. The fight is hardly won though. Options being explored still include closing the clinic at the end of 2019, or possibly extending it to March 31. Your WBRA will continue to monitor the situation

The only sure sign that the issue is resolved will be in the second draft of the 2020 budget, which should be published sometime next week. Will the funding of the clinic still be listed as a “recovery item”, or will it be removed or put on hold? Thankfully, council appears to be listening to the 2600 (and growing) contingent of voters who signed the WBRA Petition as well as to the 86% of residents who responded positively to an informal poll in the Wasaga Sun. To read the C.A.O.’s full report and to access the attendant information, please Click Here. Please do not close our walk in clinic.