Faye EgoThank you for your interest in the newly formed Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association Inc. My name is Faye Ego and I am the President of the WBRA. We are working hard to introduce the WBRA to the community and our website will be an important tool toward outlining our core principles and explaining our goals for the future. This organization does not intend to encourage the divisive politics which have done so much harm to our town for generations. We WILL provide an opportunity to understand why this organization was formed, why we believe it is critical to our community, and how we hope to work with our local government to ensure a stable and bright future for Wasaga Beach.

We are not alone. All over Ontario, communities such as ours are transforming. The smart ones have already realized that our changing demographic is providing a golden opportunity. People are leaving our big cities in droves, seeking stable, secure communities where goods and services are readily available, and where their investment in property is encouraged and protected.

The function of good government is to anticipate these trends and to act according to the needs of the future. We do not drive our cars with our eyes glued to the rear-view mirror. Neither should we assume that what has worked in the past will continue to work moving forward. We are poised to grow our consumer base exponentially, and that is a gift to any town. It is up to us to ensure that our businesses thrive and that our young people see the real opportunities that exist and return to Wasaga Beach to build their lives.

Governments are elected to drive the car, but they do not provide the gas in the tank. Every single dime that makes the wheels go around is provided by us. The taxpayers. It follows, then, that the taxpayer deserves a seat at the table, has the right to be heard, and has the responsibility to provide advice and governance at every step of the process. This organization was created to ensure that every taxpayer has a voice.

This organization will act with INTEGRITY. Our goal is to be strictly non-partisan. We will prove ourselves eager to work with any and all governments and we will encourage them to participate in our activities. We will not engage on social media, nor embarrass or belittle our elected officials. We DO plan to ensure that our government obeys the law and does not engage in expeditious activity, or attempt to promote the interests of personal associates. The truth matters. And we will work to ensure that the truth is told.

This organization is committed to STABILITY. We will work to ensure that our elected officials remain focused on a long term plan. Successive governments have created a culture which once elected, they seek to overturn all the good which has come before. This indiscriminate behavior must stop. We throw far too many babies out with the bathwater.

This organization will value COMMUNITY. Strong communities work together to achieve results. To do that, they must work as a unified team. Your membership dues and donations will be used to seek expert, professional advice on all matters before us. We will value facts over opinions and we will work to ensure that our community is organized, focused and speaks loud and clear with one collective voice. A voice which will be heard.

Our first step has been to begin organizing committees such as communications, membership, policy and legal. Committees need volunteers, and we welcome any and all participation from interested parties, especially ones who have a professional skill set in any specific area. I encourage you to link read our FAQ page and to present your comments and suggestions via the contact form.

Only by working together can we help to mold Wasaga Beach into a true destination community which anyone would be proud to call home.