Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association (WBRA) - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Q - Who is eligible to join the WBRA?
A - Membership is open to any resident, business owner, or taxpayer located full or part-time in Wasaga Beach

QHow do I contact and join the WBRA?
A – WBRA may be contacted by email at membership@wasagaratepayers.com or through the Contact Us page on the website. Eligible applicants may register and pay online using our Registration page. Prospective members who wish to register offline are asked to contact WBRA. They will be asked to review the WBRA charter, sign a membership agreement and pay an annual membership fee of $20.00 via cash or email transfer to payments@wasagaratepayers.com

Q – Does the WBRA have a Facebook Group?
A - WBRA has a Facebook Organization page and other social media accounts in order to communicate with its members and the public. Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association Inc does not operate a forum or Facebook Group and is not associated with any similarly named group which may do so.

QWhat makes the WBRA different?
A – The WBRA is an incorporated, professional, non-profit Association with a formal board and membership charter. It has the benefit of retained legal counsel and other professionals to assist with reviewing and challenging the actions and decisions of municipal employees and elected representatives when they do not fall within legal municipal guidelines.

QWhat is the purpose and mission of the WBRA?
A – The mission of the WBRA is to expedite the progress of a balanced revitalization of Wasaga Beach as both a world-class tourist destination and a place for residents to call home with a quality of life second to none, as well as protecting the legacy of the town’s history and the most efficient use of our taxpayer dollars through lobbying for a prioritization of issues that best reflects the challenges and objectives of the majority of Wasaga Beach residents.