Thank you for your email and questions. This is a great opportunity to clear up some misunderstandings. For those not familiar with development I can understand the confusion.

Below are the answers to your questions.

1. This will be determined after the Request for Expression of Interest and Request for Proposal process.

2. I’m not sure where you are getting the number “5” from. No developers have been chosen to date and the town does not know how many will be involved in the final development.

3. Private land is not part of the town’s RFEOI or RFP process. The town is only dealing with town own land. Private land owners may choose to keep their properties as is, develop their property themselves or speak directly with developers about how they can work together.

4. There are no concept drawings at this time as we have not received developer submissions. The RFEOI refers to planning policies pertaining to the Beach Area 1 lands such as Official Plan, Zoning, Urban Design Guidelines, CIP etc.

5. Despite rumours in the community that beach one will be a “mish mash” of development styles, I am confident that council and staff will ensure that an appropriate theme is followed throughout the development of the beachfront. We are also anxious to hear and see what the development community proposes for the area recognizing that they too will want a development that is complimentary.

6. There was no prescriptive language removed from the RFEOI.

7. This will be determined after the RFEOI and RFP process.

8. These are all important pieces that we look forward to seeing the development community incorporate into their RFEOI and RFP submissions. The RFEOI speaks to things such as festival square. I encourage you to read the RFEOI document.

9. You seem to have some misinformation. Condos were not proposed for only the parking lot, but rather the entire beach area 2 property owned by the town. Residents spoke loudly in the 2018 election in that they want Beach Area 2 to stay as natural as possible with some added features and improvements for all to enjoy. Beach Area 1 properties purchased by the town in 2015 have been an investment which has continued to increase in debt load. It makes sense to start here.

10. Those familiar with development are aware that there are many studies required during development. There was a misconception during last term of council in that shovels would be in the ground spring 2019. The current council has approved moving forward with several studies that are required prior to shovels in the ground. We must follow proper process and legislation.

Faye, I understand that your group has questions, however, you will need to be patient while we go through a proper process to ensure responsible development occurs at our beachfront. We look forward to having something to share with the community but we aren't there yet. We are just as excited as you and others in our community!

I encourage you to visit the town’s website as it is a great resource for up to date information about development of our beachfront and everything else great going on in our community.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer.

Mayor Nina Bifolchi