The following email was sent to Mayor Nina Bilfochi from the WBRA to express concern for Town of Wasaga Beach Staff that are not allowed an option to work from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. Mayor Bifolchi's response is included.

It's difficult to imagine why the Town of Wasaga Beach staff are being forced into the workplace when virtually all other municipalities in our area, including Penetanguishine, are allowing a work from home option during this pandemic.

Security is quoted as a concern, as well as "productivity". Is there a lack of trust that staff won't work to capacity if they are not being monitored in the workplace?

You cannot help wonder if the Mayor, CAO, and Councillors are also going into the workplace every day. I guess that's your choice, whether foolhardy or not. Staff don't get that choice it seems, so it's hardly fair to force them into the workplace with the added risks involved.

Yes, I have read your latest bulletin on justifying why they need to come into work. It may sound perfectly fine to you, but it isn't to many when you compare what other municipalities have already put into practice for the safety of their staff.

Please reconsider this decision and put the safety of staff first and foremost. Contributing to the risk of this pandemic is not an option.

Peter Gribbin
Director, Wasaga Beach Ratepayers Association Inc

***** Response from Town ****

Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email. However, you are clearly mistaken in your understanding of the work environment at the town.

Below is a link to a media release from today. I also encourage you to visit the town’s website where several other releases have been posted along with other information and links dealing with COVID-19.

Have a wonderful day.